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Wirtz Corporation


Wirtz Corporation’s diverse business interests include financial services, insurance, sports, entertainment, real estate and beverage distribution. No matter your passion or expertise, there is an opportunity for you here.

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Wirtz Realty


The oldest business within the Wirtz family of companies, Wirtz Realty has owned and managed a wide-range of properties for nearly a century. Today, the company is a high quality real estate management and development group for residential, industrial and commercial properties including many of Chicago’s most renowned buildings such as the historic, art deco landmark at 333 N. Michigan Avenue.

Our staff are experts in the real estate business with a keen understanding of the trends and challenges in the industry. Committed to career growth and opportunity, Wirtz Realty offers a professionally rewarding environment to each of its dedicated employees.


United Center


The United Center – a 960,000 square foot multi-use facility – is the home to the NHL’s Chicago Blackhawks and the NBA’s Chicago Bulls. Producing hundreds events per year, the United Center is always buzzing with excitement. Whether hosting sports fans or concert-goers, employees are motivated by their commitment to customer service and hospitality, creating a positive experience for guests and staff alike.


Chicago Blackhawks


One of the National Hockey League’s original six teams, the Wirtz Family has held ownership interests in the Chicago Blackhawks since 1954. The Blackhawks are a legendary institution having won five Stanley Cup Championships, with sellout crowds for nearly every home game.

Operating under "One Goal," a collective spirit, synergy and coordination brings the Chicago Blackhawks great success on and off the ice. Like all Wirtz businesses, every employee is committed to working hard and keeping the company’s core values top of mind. The Chicago Blackhawks are also committed to giving back to the community, and offer vibrant opportunities to do so through the Chicago Blackhawk Charities.



Wirtz Banking follows a long tradition of close-knit, family-oriented service, and is committed to providing personal attention to each of our customers.

The Wirtz family has been in the financial industry for more than a half century owning First National Bank of South Miami, Florida and First Security Trust and Savings Bank in Elmwood Park, Illinois. The Wirtz Banking team is made up of dedicated professionals committed to customer service and preserving the institution’s reputation as a trusted partner. Rooted in their communities, both banks are known for their personal attention from a team that listens and understands. Every employee is a valued part of the family, and integrated into the culture of working together to create sound financial solutions.

www.fstsb.com www.fnbsm.com


Wirtz Insurance



Wirtz Insurance provides a broad range of products and services to support corporations, commercial agencies and families alike. An independent insurance agency, Wirtz Insurance partners with well-respected carriers, giving clients access to an unrivaled pool of resources.

Wirtz Insurance agents are goal-oriented and proactive in identifying the most beneficial policies for their clients. Their success is a reflection of a company-wide commitment to exceed client expectations and to maintain a high quality of life.


Ivanhoe Nursery


Located 45 miles north of Chicago, Ivanhoe Nursery is both a family retreat and a burgeoning business. Purchased by the family in the 1850’s, Ivanhoe Farm has developed into a local grower and distributor of quality ornamental trees and shrubs.

The most experienced nursery professionals care for the cherished 150 year old farm where each employee understands the importance of producing locally grown trees and plants. Because of the hands-on, friendly and communal environment at Ivanhoe, the staff will tell you they look forward to coming to work each day. Every employee plays a critical role to ensure the Wirtz family roots continue growing strong.


Banner Collective



Born out of Blackhawks TV, Banner Collective produces everything from TV shows and documentary films to commercials and web videos.

The Banner team is a passionate group of individuals with an impressive ability to capture memorable moments and weave them into eye-catching videos. Remarkable story-tellers, Banner can reach a wide audience and communicate using one of the most relevant ways to digest information today.